The ARABIOTECH Cluster is an independent and self-governing networking organization that links the biotechnology companies in the region of Aragón. The Cluster was founded in May, 2013 and is located at the facilities of CEEI Aragón, at María de Luna 11, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain.

The main goals of the ARABIOTECH are as follows:

  1. Representation, defense and dissemination of the interests and aims of biotechnological companies in Aragón
  2. Promotion of the exchange of professional and corporate experiences as well as the cooperation among its members
  3. Increase in competitiveness of biotechnological companies of Aragón
  4. Fostering academic and professional training in the field of biotechnology
  5. Strengthening of scientific and technical knowledge interchange between academic and research institutions and members of the Cluster
  6. Provision of advice for the members of the Cluster on grants, innovation opportunities, cooperative projects, etc.